A Little About Carolina National Insurance Group (CNG)…

It actually begins with GPAgency:

Established in 1968, today, GPAgency is a national, full-service brokerage firm, located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It represents more than 50 top-rated insurance companies and specializes in the following:

  • Life Insurance — term or permanent coverage for individuals or businesses.
  • Disability Income Protection — covers a portion of your paycheck should you become injured or ill.
  • Long-Term Care Coverage — pays for the care you need if you cannot perform everyday tasks due to a chronic illness, injury, disability or advanced age.
  • Annuity — a financial product typically used to save tax-deferred for retirement, helping to replace a paycheck in retirement.

GPAgency helps insurance agents identify the best plans for their clients. Additionally, it owns Carolina National Insurance Group (CNG), which is an independent representative for the Ohio National Life Insurance Company — a 100+ year old company with excellent financial ratings.

Ohio National offers the most affordable and comprehensive product portfolio available for individuals and businesses for life and disability insurance. However, it does not offer long-term care coverage or annuities, and sometimes it is not the best fit for life insurance or disability protection. In these situations, CNG utilizes GPAgency’s vast network to match optimal solutions for its clients.

As an independent agent, why should you consider a CNG contract? Click HERE.